SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier


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  • Smallest, lightest rechargeable UV water purifier
  • Automatic
  • UV lamp provides 8,000 treatments
  • Weighs 2.6 oz (74 g.)
  • Micro USB port
SteriPEN : Picture 1 regular $99.95

About SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier

SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier
Enjoy the Freedom to go anywhere with the SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier. It is the smallest, lightest and first rechargeable UV water purifier which is also eco-friendly and it disinfects 0.5 liters (16 oz) in 48 seconds. It is Simple to use, the SteriPEN Freedom detects when the device is in water and automatically activates the UV lamp to begin purifying, no buttons to press. Ultraviolet (UV-C) light rays safely sterilize clear water by destroying 99.99% of protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidia ), bacteria and even viruses. To purify 1 liter of water, use it twice and a green indicator indicates the water is safe to drink. Perfect for international travel or outdoor adventures--drink safe water anywhere with the SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier.

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