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Sneaker Balls Ice - Fresh and Clean Scent

Sneaker Balls Ice - Fresh and Clean Scent

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Sneaker Balls Ice - Fresh and Clean Scent Features

Sneaker Balls Ice
The Sneaker Balls Ice makes all your worries of smelling less that fresh go straight out the door. We know how terrible shoe odors can get after a day of strenuous activity, whether you are out camping in the wild or just practicing sports. With a simple twist action, these air fresheners do wonders for your shoes, leaving them with a clean, fresh fragrance and effectively eliminating bad odors. This product is small and can fit easily into small and confined spaces for a fresh, fragrant feel everywhere. Don't limit yourself to using these balls only for your shoes, they are also handy for your bags and lockers. The balls are available in a pack of two so you can create an odor-free environment wherever you go. The Sneaker Balls Ice are the ultimate remedy for annoying foot odor leaving you feeling fresh, clean, and fragrant.

Key Features

  • Fresh and Clean Scent
  • Available in 2-Pack (1 pair)
  • Small enough to fit in tight spaces
  • Eliminates odors
  • Simple twist action