Sneaker Balls Air Freshener - Fresh and Clean Scent

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  • Clean scent
  • Pack of two 
  • Twist action
  • Small size, unnoticeable
  • Weight with packaging: 0.1 lbs to 0.15 lbs
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About Sneaker Balls Air Freshener - Fresh and Clean Scent

Sneaker Balls Air Freshener
The Sneaker Balls Air Freshener is one item that you need to get yourself, if sports and exercise are a part of your life! This amazing product gets rid of all those annoying, and unbearable, foot odors inside your shoes, and leaves them smelling and feeling as fresh as new. We all know how terrible shoe odor can get after just a day of strenuous activity, whether you are out camping in the wild, or just practicing your favorite sport. With a simple twist action, these air fresheners do wonders to your shoes, leaving them with a clean, fresh fragrance; and effectively eliminating bad odor. They are small and can fit easily into small and confined spaces like in your bags, and lockers, too. The Sneaker Balls Air Freshener effectively gets rid of embarrassing sneaker foot odors every time!

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