Jetboil PCS/GCS Igniter Maintenance Kit

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  • Lightweight 0.5 oz.
  • Handy maintenance tool
  • Piezo electric Igniter
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About Jetboil PCS/GCS Igniter Maintenance Kit

Jetboil PCS / GCS Igniter Maintenance Kit
Take the unique Jetboil PCS / GCS Igniter Maintenance Kit, so you won't have any inconveniences while preparing your favorite meals during your outdoor adventures. The handy Jetboil Maintenance Kit makes sure your Jetboil PCS and GCS stove are operating correctly and providing its peak performance. This kit contains a Piezo electric igniter for you to use. This is the ideal product to take with you when you go camping or hiking, which will come in handy, if a problem occurs with your stove. This maintenance kit is lightweight, at only 0.5 oz., so it's easy to pack and does not add any bulk to your gear. If you plan a weekend getaway with your friends and family, take the useful Jetboil PCS / GCS Igniter Maintenance Kit along for your convenience.

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Jetboil PCS/GCS Igniter Maintenance Kit Features

  • Comes with a replacement piezoelectric igniter
  • Compatible with PCS/GCS systems and made to perfectly fit each component with accuracy
  • Components in the kit are not compatible with Flash or Helios systems
  • Replace your old jet with the brand new one in the kit, which ensures properly cooked meals every time
  • Replacement o-rings in the kit keep all components of your JetBoil stove secured together for maximum performance
  • Stove lights up without complications and takes full advantage of your fuel supply
  • Their specialized design made specifically for certain stoves
  • Ultimate durability
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