Slumberjack Floor Saver Cot Botties - 3 pairs

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Product Highlights:

  • Material: Polyester, webbing, and elastic
  • Extends life of tent floor
  • Padded foot covers
  • Fits cots up to 36 in. wide
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About Slumberjack Floor Saver Cot Botties - 3 pairs

Slumberjack Floor Saver Cot Booties
The Slumberjack Floor Saver Cot Booties is a great choice for the frequent adventurer, and those who love the great outdoors! These covers protect the floor of your tent by covering your cot's feet, and preventing them from causing any damage. They also help to prolong the life of your tent. Your covers can fit cots as wide as 36 in., making them flexible, and compatible with a wide range of sizes and cots. The material used is a combination of durable polyester, elastic, and webbing, allowing you to stretch the covers, and fitting them to the cot, without worrying that they might tear. The durable polyester makes them ideal for camping, and other rough use. Equipped with the Slumberjack Floor Saver Cot Booties, you will enjoy camping outdoors, without having to worry about damages.

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