Silva Starter Hi-Vis Compass

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  • Ideal tool for working with maps
  • Rotating capsule has 2 dial graduations
  • Clear, child-friendly base plate
  • Inch and millimeter rules
  • Hi-Vis Bezel
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About Silva Starter Hi-Vis Compass

Silva Starter Hi-Vis Compass
Make your outdoor trips easier and more secure with the help of the Silva Starter Hi-Vis Compass. This fantastic Silva Starter compass is definitely a great tool to have for when you're going hiking, camping, orienteering, and more. The inch and millimeter rules allow you to easily measure distance, while the rotating capsule with 2 dial graduations enable greater accuracy. It has a clear base plate so you can read map details without squinting, and it's even especially designed for children with small hands. Plus, the Hi-Vis bezel makes it a natural stand-out in low light situations. With the Silva Starter Hi-Vis Compass, you'll always know where you're going so you can get to your destination on time. Pick up one today!

Silva Starter Hi-Vis Compass Features

  • Great tool for working with maps
  • The rotating capsule has 2° dial graduations
  • Clear base plate that makes it easier to read map details
  • Inch and millimeter rules are provided for measuring distance
  • Base plate is designed especially for childrens smaller hands
  • Hi-Vis Bezel
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