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Silva Ranger CL Hi-Vis Compass

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  • High contrast markings
  • 1/20 inch and millimeter rules
  • Geared declination adjustment
  • Lanyard with adjustable slider
  • Sighting mirror
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About Silva Ranger CL Hi-Vis Compass

Silva Ranger CL Hi-Vis Compass
Getting lost in the sprawling wilderness is not a problem anymore when you have the Silva Ranger CL Hi-Vis Compass. This excellent Hi-Vis compass comes with a split-sighting mirror to enable superb accuracy when navigating on distant landmarks. The geared declination reduces chance of error as it enables adjustment for the difference in degrees between Magnetic North and True North. You'll have no problem reading directions at nighttime or in low-light situations, thanks to its convenient luminous points and high contrast markings. There's also a silicone feet for easy map gripping and a clinometer for measuring angles of inclination. Other features include a lanyard with adjustable slider, a screwdriver, a sighting mirror, and more. The Silva Ranger CL Hi-Vis Compass is definitely the ideal navigational companion to make sure a great hunting experience. Get one right away!

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