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  • 2° graduation lines and numerals at every 20° mark
  • Declination correction scale
  • Ergonomically-contoured base plate
  • Sure-grip dial
  • Lanyard hole on the base plate
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About Silva Polaris Type 7 Compass

Silva Polaris Type 7 Compass
Explore the great outdoors with absolute confidence and peace of mind when you have the Silva Polaris Type 7 Compass. This amazing Polaris compass features 2 graduation lines and large numerals at every 20 mark that make it easier to read maps and allow you to plan your day accordingly. It has an ergonomically contoured base plate and sure-grip dial for superior comfort when holding it in your hand. The compass also comes with a declination correction scale so you can make quick adjustments of map bearings to field headings, while the liquid-filled needle effectively stops from full swing in just four seconds. The Silva Polaris Type 7 Compass makes your outdoor trips much more safe and well-prepared. Get one right now!

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