Seattle Sports Frost Pak Cooler


Seattle Sports Frost Pak Cooler Features

What's in the box: Seattle Sports Frost Pak Cooler

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Key Features

  • Seattle Sports Frost Pak Cooler
  • Expedition-Proven Coolers
  • Waterproof Liner that Prevents Ice-Melt from Penetrating Insulation
  • Waterproof Up-to-the-Zipper
  • Engineered for Higher Thermal Efficiency and Longer-Life-Span
  • Regular Soft-Side Coolers
  • Big-Wide-Mouth Opening and offers Easy-Access
  • Loading Ice and Six-Packs
  • Durable Heavy-Duty Vinyl Construction
  • 11.36 to 18 L Coolers are perfect for Day-Excursions and Hikes
  • 23.66 L is sized to Easily-Fit into Automobiles and Boats
  • 37.85 L Cooler is Shorter-in-Height and Longer-in-Length
  • Perfect for Rafts, Canoes
  • Easy to Lashed-Down
  • 11.36 to 18 L Adjustable
  • Removable Shoulder Strap for Easy-Transport
  • 23.66 L Top Grab Handles
  • 37.85 L Top Grab and Padded Side Grab Handles