Sierra Designs P.A.W. Bivy

Sierra Designs P.A.W. Bivy Features

Sierra Designs P.A.W. Bivy
The Sierra Designs P.A.W. Bivy is the safest way to spend your night in the wilderness. With a floor made from 70D nylon and the canopy from 40D nylon, this bivy is built to endure rough conditions and harsh terrain. The nylon material also ensures that this safe refuge remains waterproof, and keeps you dry no matter what the weather outside is like. Its DriZon top is breathable, providing an exceptional comfortable environment on the inside. You can still have peek at the outside world when you are wrapped in your nylon cocoon, thanks to the little mesh window vent on the canopy. The wrap-around U-zipper gives you even protection all around, and gives you great insulation from the elements. Its seam tape is PVC-free for long-lasting durability. With the Sierra Designs P.A.W. Bivy you have your own safe shelter, while out in the wild.

Key Features

  • PVC-Free Seam Tape
  • U Zipper
  • Pad Loops
  • Drizone waterproof
  • Breathable keeps the elements at bay