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Ruff Wear Hover Craft Large Red Currant

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Product Highlights:

  • Molded foam core
  • Soft construction
  • Bright, contrasting colors

About Ruff Wear Hover Craft

Ruff Wear Hover Craft Large Red Currant
The Ruff Wear Hover Craft Large Red Currant is all you need for a great game of catch and fetch, with your four-legged friend. The fabric is durable and long-lasting, so the toy will give you hours and hours of fun. Its molded foam core has been designed to be soft on your dog's mouth, gums and teeth, so that you can play a rough game of tug with him without worrying that he might get hurt. The core has also been designed, such that it maintains its shape, and its flight performance is further enhanced. It also floats and its vivid, bright color makes it visible, so don't worry if you toss it into the water by mistake. The larger disc comes in regulation size, while the smaller disc is perfect for smaller dogs and indoor usage. The Ruff Wear Hover Craft Large Red Currant is something your dog will love playing with.

Ruff Wear Hover Craft Features

  • Molded foam core maintains shape
  • Enhances flight performance and flotation
  • Soft construction is easy on dog's teeth and gums
  • Bright, contrasting colors for visibility
  • High-flying fun
  • Durable fabric 
  • Water-fetching fun
  • Soft construction is easy to catch and gentle on dog's mouth
  • Abrasion resistant materials for increased durability

Ruff Wear Hover Craft Specifications

Molded Foam Core Maintains Shape
Enhances Flight Performance/Flotation
Soft Construction For Dog'S Teeth/Gums
Bright Contrasting Colors For Visibility
Large Disc Is Regulation Size
Rugged Fabric Exterior
Abrasion-Resistant Materials
Low-Light Visibility For Reflective Trim
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