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Ruff Wear Gourdo Dog Toy

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Ruff Wear Gourdo Dog Toy

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Ruff Wear Gourdo Dog Toy Features

Ruff Wear Gourdo Dog Toy
The Ruff Wear Gourdo Dog Toy is the perfect way to have fun with your best friend. Since it is made from natural latex rubber, your dog can chew on this toy for the entire day, without any worries. You can also use this toy as a behavior reward tool to reinforce good habits, so that your dog gets excited to see the toy when he does something right. Thanks to the product's gum massaging texture, your furry friend's teeth remain strong, and healthy, while getting a thorough cleaning every time he wrestles with the toy. The user-friendly rope handle, allows you to throw the toy further away, and makes it easy to pick the toy without getting drool on your hands. You can choose the size of the product depending on your pet's size. The Ruff Wear Gourdo Dog Toy lets you make the most of your time with your energetic friend.

Key Features

  • Made from natural latex rubber
  • Renewable and sustainable resource
  • Behavior reward tool filled with treat
  • It keeps dogs' attention for hours
  • Gum massaging texture
  • Can easily be thrown great distances
  • Avoid the slobbery rubberend 
  • Unique shape fits in all sized mouths