Ruff Wear Bivy Bowl


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About Ruff Wear Bivy Bowl

Ruff Wear Bivy Bowl Small Red Currant
The Ruff Wear Bivy Bowl Small Red Currant is great to carry around with you when you, and your dog are in the outdoors experiencing nature. It has been designed using a seam free, welded fabric technology, which ensures that the bowl has a watertight seal, and doesn't allow dripping. This technology also allows for single layer construction, which reduces bulk of the product. It is super light, extremely portable and will fit in the tiniest corner of your backpack, so you can take it with you wherever you go, without it weighing you down. The bowl also has a stable shape and a no-slip bottom, which makes it easy for your dog to eat and drink out from. Your pet will definitely appreciate the Ruff Wear Bivy Bowl Small Red Currant, while you are out backpacking, camping, hiking, or on any sort of outdoor expedition.

Ruff Wear Bivy Bowl Features

  • Seam free, welded fabric technology creates a watertight seal
  • Single layer construction
  • Stable shape and no slip bottom
  • Easy eating and drinking
  • Rinse and go for quick clean-up
  • Ultra-light (under 2 oz.) for long treks
  • Intended use: Backpacking, Camping, Hiking
  • Medium size is 6 in. in diameter and has a capacity of 51 fl oz. (1.5 L)

Ruff Wear Bivy Bowl Specifications

Seam free
Welded fabric technology
Stable shape and no slip bottom
Easy eating and drinking
Rinse and go for quick clean-up
Available in the Following Colors:
Red Currant
Available in the Following Sizes:
Medium, Small
Ultra-light (under 2 oz) for long treks
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