Petzl Huit Figure 8 descender

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  • For descending on single or double ropes.
  • Square shape
  • High strength forged aluminum
  • Small hole
  • For use on ropes between 8 and 13 mm
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About Petzl Huit Figure 8 descender

Petzl Huit Figure 8 descender
Petzl Huit Figure 8 descender allows descent using a single or double rope. Square shape helps avoid twisting the rope and the formation of a girth hitch. Smaller hole may be used, if needed, to descend small diameter rope for an additional braking option. It is a very compact and light weighted, high strength forged aluminum item, indispensable in mountaineering and rappelling. The rescuers use this descender every day and it is a common object in their rescuer first aid box. Whenever you want to do some mountain climbing, always have your equipment with you and don t forget to put some extra Petzl Huit Figure 8 descender in your backpack., for any emergency.

Petzl Huit Figure 8 descender Features

  • Square shape to reduce kinking the ropes and formation of a lark's head knot
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-strength forged aluminum
  • Small hole can be used with thin ropes if necessary, or as a belay plate
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