Petzl Go Oval Maillon

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  • Weight: 60 g
  • Strength : 25 kN major axis, 10 kN cross-loaded
  • Material: steel, galvanized steel
  • 3-year guarantee
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About Petzl Go Oval Maillon

Petzl Go Oval Maillon
Made with a wide opening for use with rope, the Petzl Oval Screw Link is a compact, lightweight alternative to carabiners for semi-permanent attachments. The maillon is constructed of 7mm cadmium steel for a breaking strength of 5,500 pounds. Design to handle multi-directional loads as might be found in rescue situations. This item is recommended as a lighter and less expensive attachment device for Petzl ascenders or main anchor points and the links are marked with a Normal Working Load, (NWL), which is about 1/5 of their strength. The Petzl Go Oval Maillon is used in many other occasions than climbing, you can use it as a key holder ,as an internal lock on a door or gate or on your tool box. As you see, it is a very versatile item to have in your inventory.

Petzl Go Oval Maillon Features

  • Large opening
  • Constructed of 7 mm cadmium steel
  • 25 kN major axis
  • 10 kN minor axis
  • Compact, lightweight alternative to carabiners for semi-permanent attachments.
  • Designed to handle multi-directional loads.
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