Petzl Attache Carabiner - M35 SL

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Product Highlights:

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to handle
  • Pear shape facilitates
  • Key lock system
  • Gate opening: 20 mm
  • Breaking strength
Petzl : Picture 1 regular

About Petzl Attache Carabiner - M35 SL

Petzl Attache Carabiner
The Petzl Attache Carabiner is a compact locking carabiner, but it is still more than large enough to use as a bolt or rope side anchor carabiner, as a belay device carabiner, or for any other purpose that does not require a large capacity carabiner. For instance, it would not be great for serving as the master point in an anchor with several cordelletes involved, but a few runners should be just fine. While they're not as spacious as the Petzl William or other large pear biners, you ll be always surprised how well they work. You can fit several 10.5mm ropes in them without having a bad tangle like you would with a smaller D biner. The smoothly curved pear end of the Petzl Attache Carabiner is remarkably easy to move ropes around even under some force. And you get all this versatility with the most rock solid quality, less weight than most pear biners, and a locking mechanism that feels secure even after years of use, mud, water, and sweat.

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