Princeton Tec Pilot Headlamp Accessory

sale Princeton Tec Pilot Headlamp Accessory

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Princeton Tec Pilot Headlamp Accessory Features

The Pilot LED is a backup accessory light that is compatible with most headlamp straps If you own a headlamp with wires connecting to rear or remote battery packs, you can replace the standard wire clip by using the Pilot system's built-in wire holder Weighing in at only 15 grams, the system will keep your load light You can also opt to attach the Pilot to your backpack or hydration straps Whichever attachment option you choose, you will have the security of always having a backup light nearby The Pilot can be easily detached from its clip base for use as a hand-held light or as a marking light set on the blinking/signaling mode

Key Features

  • A perfect emergency backup light. Powered by 1 Ultrabright LED, the PILOT clips to any headlamp strap.
  • The Pilot is available in three LED colors:
    White for standard illumination
    Red for preserving your night vision
    Green for observing wildlife and distinguishing colors such as yellow and red on maps and charts.
  • Power: 2.1 Lumens
  • Lamp: 1 Ultrabright LED
  • Batteries: 2 2016 Lithium Coin Cel
  • Burn Time: 14 hrs.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
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