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  • 5 electronic switch settings
  • Available in various colors
  • 10 lumens
  • 36 hours burn time
  • Water resistance
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About Princeton Tec Impulse Keylight

Princeton Tec Impulse Keylight
The Princeton Tec Impulse Keylight is a great flashlight. It has 5 electronic switch settings. The keylight burns up to 36 hrs. Including low, medium and high beam. It also has fast and slow blinking modes.It is powered by 2 lithium coin cells. The flashlight feature detachable clip and gets attached to key chain, or turn it into headlamp by attaching a clip and also goes onto a hat. The ideal use of the flashlight is during hiking, car camping, day trip, or backpacking. It is water-resistant to splashing and quick dunking. Available in various colors. So choose yours and experience a better outings with the Princeton Tec Impulse Keylight as It is different from other flashlights,you will want one for every key chain or backpack.

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