Princeton Tec Corona Bike Light

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About Princeton Tec Corona Bike Light

Princeton Tec Corona Bike Light
The Princeton Tec Corona Bike Light is a commuters dream and perfect for lighting up the trail. With the ability to switch between 8-, 5-, 3-, or 1-LED output, this Corona Bike light allows you to choose the amount and type of light to satisfy every task. The varying levels of output and number of LEDs chosen create a variety of burn times, beam patterns and energy consumed. The regulated-LED headlamp floods your entire field of vision with an even distribution of light. It is designed to cut eye fatigue, its wide beam eliminates the need for your eyes to adjust quickly from very bright to dark areas, as they do with standard, narrow beam lights. It features heat sink technology to protect LED products from overheating. Choose the Princeton Tec Corona Bike Light with excellent peripheral lighting to simulate normal daylight conditions.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
(609) 298-9331

Princeton Tec Corona Bike Light Features

  • (8) LED Wide beam bike light.
  • Powered by 8 AA Alkaline batteries (included)
  • High impact resistant Xenoy and Lexan construction
  • Run time: 30-200+ hours
  • Water resistant
  • Princeton Tec Part number

Princeton Tec Corona Bike Light Specifications

Power (Watts)
90 Lumens
8 5MM Ultrabright LEDs
Burn Time (Hours)
160 Hours
8 AA Alkaline or Lithium
8.81 oz.
Focus Type
Limited lifetime warranty
Available in the Following Colors:
Black, Green
Weight [with packaging]
1.15 lb
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