Prism Snapshot 1.2 Kite

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Product Highlights:

  • Super-fast,responsive 4-foot wingspan
  • Frameless parafoil design
  • Shaped ram air inlets
  • Sail Material: Ripstop Nylon
  • Flight straps, winder

About Prism Snapshot 1.2 Kite

Prism Snapshot 1.2 Kite
For a thrilling kiting experience, choose the snappy Prism Snapshot 1.2 Kite. This speedy and snappy kite features a frameless parafoil design, which means there is nothing to break in a crash. The fast, maneuverable design of this kite offers an ideal introduction to the joy of dual-line power kites. It s small enough to fit in your pocket, perfect for travel or those spur-of-the-moment flight sessions. It's carefully shaped ram air inlets keep the wings from collapsing in gusty winds and the elliptical plan from minimizes drag for speed and acceleration. There s no frame to break and infect if you crash while pushing the envelope since the sail will re-inflate and launch itself without a help. It comes ready to fly with Spectra lines attached, flight straps, tail and compact storage pouch. Go ahead and get the Prism Snapshot 1.2 Kite for your next outdoor trip.

Prism Snapshot 1.2 Kite Features

  • Super-fast and responsive 4-foot wingspan
  • Frameless parafoil design means nothing to break in a crash
  • Shaped ram air inlets keep wing from collapsing in gusts
  • Ready to fly with 85 ft. x 55 lbs lines pre-attached, flight straps, winder, and tail
  • Stuffs into a compact pouch small enough to take anywhere
  • Meticulously crafted intakes prevent the kite from collapsing in gusty wind
  • Elliptical platform reduces drag for amazing speed and acceleration
  • Includes kite, dual lines, wrist straps, tail, winder, instructions and carry pouch
  • Constructed from supertough ripstop nylon

Prism Snapshot 1.2 Kite Specifications

Skill Level
Beginner - Intermediate
Wing Span
48 in.
Sail Area
6.5 sq ft (0.6 sq m)
Wind Range
6 - 25 mph
Very Fast
Sail Material
Ripstop Nylon
Flying Lines
85 ft. x 55 lbs. Polyester
Weight [with packaging]
0.7 lb
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