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About pRana Tiger Scarf for Women

The prAna Tiger Scarf for Women
The prAna Tiger Scarf for Women is made of premium wool/cotton fabric blend offering natural insulation and superb comfort to help fight the chills. Multicolored yarn embroidery provides the scarf with a charming beauty while intricately woven design ensures tremendous durability and tear resistance. Look fabulous effortlessly, with the prAna Tiger Scarf as part of your winter outfit. The intricately woven patterns of the Tiger add interesting detail to winter outfits. Draped or knotted, it's sure to charm the eye. In the prAna Tiger Scarf, you give a whole new meaning to the phrase "tiger mom." This flowing scarf ups the fashion ante on a navy pea coat when you're outside, and it does the same thing to wool slacks and a V-neck sweater indoors. The prAna Tiger Scarf for Women elevates your winter outfit.

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