Optimus Nova Multifuel Stove

Optimus Nova Multifuel Stove Features

What's in the box: Burner, Pump, Wind shield, Tool, Stuff bag, Wear parts and lubricant (fuel bottle not included)

Optimus Nova Multifuel Stove
Remember to pack the Optimus Nova Multifuel Stove in your backpack for your next outdoor adventure. One of the greatest things about the Optimus Nova is the precise and immediate simmer control that allows fast boiling, so you can quickly heat your favorite soup and start eating right away. Thanks to the self-cleaning system, the burner cleans itself fast and easily and you won t have to stop cooking due to maintenance issues. This resistant stove has a durable aluminum pump and EZ quick connects that enhances safety and is extremely easy to use. As we all know fuel can be very expensive but thanks to the patented quick priming burner, this stove requires less preheating and saves fuel. The Optimus stove burns all types of fuel without swapping burner jets. For a hot home cooked meal in the wilderness, get the Optimus Nova Multifuel Stove.

Key Features

  • Precise and immediate simmer control + fast boiling
  • Self cleaning system cleans burner jet fast and easily - no need to stop cooking
  • Durable aluminum pump and EZ quick connects enhance safety and ease of use
  • Patented quick priming burner requires less preheating and saves fuel
  • Burns all types of fuel - using same burner jet