OnGuard Pitbull LS U-Lock - 4.53" x 11.5" x 14mm (0.55")


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  • X4P Quattro locking mechanism
  • TriRadius shackle
  • Five laser cut keys
  • Snap-lock mounting bracket
  • Micro-light facility

About OnGuard Pitbull LS U-Lock - 4.53" x 11.5" x 14mm (0.55")

OnGuard Pitbull LS U-Lock
The OnGuard Pitbull LS U-Lock is a great product to buy if you love your bike and want to keep it safe when you are not around. It can be quite unsafe to leave your cycle without a proper lock, especially in high crime areas. This item features an X4P Quattro locking mechanism that provides complete four-sided protection, for your peace of mind. Built as a sturdy, 14 mm. thick, hardened steel shackle, it can withstand a considerable amount of force and stay intact to give long-lasting service. With a security rating of 80, it assures you that you do not need to worry about it breaking even if someone tries to cut, pry or jack it open. You get five laser cut keys along with it, so you do not have to worry about being able to lock or unlock it, even if you lose a couple of keys. Stay safe with the OnGuard Pitbull LS U-Lock!

OnGuard Pitbull LS U-Lock - 4.53" x 11.5" x 14mm (0.55") Features

  • Superior protection for medium to high crime areas. X4P Quattro Locking Mechanism for four-sided protection
  • Hefty 14mm (0.55") hardened steel TriRadius shackle resists cutting, prying and jacking while providing more internal space for locking versatility
  • New crossbar and shackle coatings protect finishes. provide increased locking versatility for securing bicycles and scooters. Shackle Dimensions: 115mm x 292mm (W x H x Diam) (4.53" x 11.50") x 14mm (0.55") D

OnGuard Pitbull LS U-Lock - 4.53" x 11.5" x 14mm (0.55") Specifications

For Powersports
For Bikes
Lock Series
Security Rating
Snap Lock Quick Release
Multi-position mounting bracket
5 laser cut keys
(1 micro-light and 4 extra grip keys) Micro-light key projects a bright white beam, 
Weight [with packaging]
3.95 lb
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