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Native Eyewear Crestone Polarized Sunglasses

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About Native Eyewear Crestone Polarized Sunglasses

Named for the jagged 14ers and the town that lies below them in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Crestone is a formidable partner in adventure. Armed with Natives premium lens technology and a performance fit, this pair will see to it you make it through all the scrambles, ledges, and summits with confidence. The most innovative and advanced polarized lens on the market. N3 lenses block up to 4X more infrared light than regular polarized lenses, pass Z87.1 testing, provide UV protection up to 400nm, and by significantly reducing blue light and selectively filtering UV, they deliver high contrast, crisp definition, and peak visual acuity. Trilaminate frame construction co-injected Rhyno-Tuff air frames, cam-action hinges, interchangeable lens system and they are made of eco-friendly material. Glasses are designed for a medium to large fit profile. The Crestone sunglasses have Cushinol nose pads and Mastoid temple grips that keep this lightweight frame in place.

The sunglasses lenses are 2.4" (61.4 mm) wide and 1.59" (40.3 mm) high, with a 0.6" (15.7 mm) bridge, and a 4.84" (123 mm) temple length. The lens base curve is 8. All Native sunglasses come with 99.9% polarization efficiency. The sun's light waves are reflected off every surface travelling on a horizontal plane creating intense glare. Native's lenses are injected with a durable polarization film that acts as a glare filter, only transmitting vertical light waves, leaving sharp, crisp, glare-free vision with increased contrast and depth perception. The most innovative and advanced polarized lens on the market, Native's advanced lenses block up to 4X more infrared light than regular polarized lenses, provide 100% UV protection (up to 400nm), and by significantly reducing high energy visible light (also known as blue light) and selectively filtering UV, they deliver high contrast, crisp definition, and peak visual acuity. These protective filters have been known to help defend your vision against long-term sun exposure effects like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Native lenses strategically filter out light that creates vision and color distortion and allow your eyes to see your surroundings in vibrant high definition. All Native lenses come standard with scratch-resistant and hydrophobic coatings help protect against unpredictable impact and minimizing the effects of perspiration and condensation. This injected lens technology places the optical center of the lens in line with the natural motion of the eye ensuring distortion-free vision and reducing eye fatigue. Native's lightweight poly-crystal carbonate lenses have passed the ANSI impact test ensuring the best protection of your eyes and tissues during a crash. Native chose poly-crystal carbonate over glass due to the decreased likelihood of lens shatter during impact. The Crestone sunglasses are available in multiple colors and lens tints. The brown lenses deliver the brightest field of vision as well as superior contrast enhancement and high definition. The gray lenses are best for sunny to partly cloudy/cloudy light conditions. The silver reflex mirror lenses come with a gray base and are best suited for bright sunny days. The lenses have a visual light transmission from 10% to 13% (VLT). Included with the sunglasses are a sport-flex lens kit, and hard and soft carry protective cases.

Native Eyewear Crestone Polarized Sunglasses Features

  • Native Eyewear Crestone Polarized Sunglasses:
  • Named for Jagged 14ers & Town that Lies Below them in Sangre de Cristo Mountains
  • Crestone: Formidable Partner in Adventure
  • Armed w/Natives Premium Lens Technology Performance Fit
  • Make-It-Thru Scrambles, Ledges, and Summits w/Confidence
  • Most Innovative and Advanced Polarized Lens On-the-Market
  • N3 Lenses Block Up to 4X More Infrared Light than Regular Polarized Lenses
  • Pass Z87.1 Testing
  • Provide 100% UV Protection Up to 400nm
  • Significantly Reduces Blue Light and Selectively Filtering UV
  • Deliver High Contrast, Crisp Definition, and Peak Visual Acuity
  • Co-Injected Rhyno-Tuff Air Frames
  • Cushinol Nose Pads and Mastoid Temple Grips
  • Cam-Action Hinges
  • Designed as Medium to Large Fit Profile
  • Lens Dimensions:
    Width; 2.4" (61.4 mm)
    Height; 1.59" (40.3 mm)
  • Bridge: 0.6" (15.7 mm)
  • Temple Length: 4.84" (123 mm)
  • Lens Base Curve: 8
  • Available in Multiple Frame Colors and Lens Tints
  • Brown Lenses: Deliver the Brightest Field of Vision, Superior Contrast Enhancement & High-Def
  • Gray Lenses: Best for Sunny to Partly Cloudy/Cloudy Light Conditions
  • Silver Reflex Mirror Lenses: Gray Base, Best Suited for Bright Sunny Days
  • Lens Visual Light Transmission from 10% to 13% (VLT)
  • Sport-Flex Lens Kit Included
  • Hard and Soft Carry Protective Cases
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