The SCAP Neoprene Skull Cap

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Product Highlights:

  • Material: 1.5 mm. neoprene rubber
  • Tie-back method 
  • Skull cap design
  • Interior Band 
  • Grip Zone

About The SCAP Neoprene Skull Cap

SCAP Neoprene Skull Cap
The SCAP Neoprene Skull Cap is the ultimate cap for all your underwater expeditions. Made from 1.5 mm. neoprene rubber, the SCAP cap helps to control wet and wild hair and protects your head from the cold. The SCAP cap is designed with a grip zone that holds your hair back and away from your eyes, ensuring that your vision does not get hampered for a hassle-free swim. By trapping a little amount of water and allowing your body to naturally warm it, this cap keeps your head comfortable. An interesting feature of the SCAP cap is that it combines the tie back method, the design of a skull-cap, and bright colors and patterns, making you look stylish as you enjoy the water. Get ready to dive into the pool, armed with your SCAP Neoprene Skull Cap.

The SCAP Neoprene Skull Cap Features

  • Control Wild Wet Hair
  • Beat the Cold
  • Look Good while Doing it!
  • The SCAP, an All-in-One Solution
  • Keeps Hair In-Place, Insulates Head
  • Expresses Adventurous Spirit
  • Designed by a Scuba Diver for Divers and All Water Sport Adventurers
  • Helps Prevent Leaking Mask or Keeping Hair Out of Eyes while Surfing
  • Maintaining Proper Vision is Mission Critical
  • 1.5 mm Neoprene Rubber
  • Closure: Tie-Back Method of "Do Rag"
  • Look of a "Skull Cap"
  • Interior Band with Specially Designed Grip Zone
  • "Grip Zone", Keeps Hair in Place
  • Custom Cut and Stitched for Durability
  • Comfort
  • 6 Neoprene Colors and Patterns
  • Army Green Camo, Hi Viz Green, Navy Blue, Not a Boys Club Pink, Pirate or Smile

The SCAP Neoprene Skull Cap Specifications

1.5 Mm.
Back Tie Strap
Insulates Head
Expresses Adventurous Spirit
Water Sport Adventurers
Skull Cap
Interior Band
Custom Cut
Durability And Comfort
Available in the Following Colors:
Army Green Camo, Abyss (Deep Blue), Aluminum 80 (Gray), Blood in the Water (Deep Red), Blue Hole (Bright Blue), Cave Black, Dive Flag, Get Lei-ed (Red Floaral), Hi-Vis Green, Hi-Vis Orange, Hilma Hooker Red (Bright Red), Ice (White), Not A Boys Club (Pink), Pirate (Black with Skulls), Sea
Weight [with packaging]
0.4 lb
Mfr #
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