NRS Clearwater Drifter Boat

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About NRS Clearwater Drifter Boat

If you're a river fisherman looking for an edge, you need to consider the NRS Clearwater Drifter. This revolutionary inflatable fishing boat combines the time-tested design of a drift boat with the rugged utility of a self-bailing raft. Made of tough drop-stitch PVC material, the Clearwater inflates to a very rigid 9 psi (0.62 bar), creating a stout 17' (5.18 meter) drift boat. You can inflate the floor up to 15 psi (1.0 bar) for the best performance with heavier loads in rough water. The self-bailing inflatable hull handles rocks and shallow water like a raft while tracking as stealthily as a traditional drift boat. Self-bailing floor with quick-draining holes allows you to leave the bucket at home. This type of floor allows for water drainage around the perimeter of the floor. This floor provides quick draining ability which allows for maintained control and increased maneuverability.

Once you finish fishing you can easily disassemble the modular frame and roll up the deflated hull for convenient transport and storage. The Clearwater stows readily in a garage, car or small aircraft, or you can ship it UPS to your next fishing destination with a compact folded dimension of (L x W x D) 49" x 26" x 16" (124.46cm x 66cm x 40.64cm). High rocker in the bow and stern shorten the waterline for superior tracking and anchoring while helping the boat ride over waves. The Clearwater's three-chamber design ensures it will keep floating and rowing even if one air chamber is compromised. Boat has casting stations in the bow and stern feature swiveling angler seats, diamond plate decks and thigh hooks with stripping baskets for secure, comfortable casting in smooth or rough water.

The NRS Clearwater Drifter Boat has a rigid transom in the stern that allows you to attach a small outboard motor. A padded rowing seat and adjustable foot bar ensure all-day comfort for the oarsman. An integrated pulley system lets the oarsman operate the anchor from the rowing seat. A heavy-duty rub rail on the gunwales protects high-wear areas Boat has 3" (7.6cm) stainless steel D-rings at the bow that provide handy tie-off points and let you winch the Clearwater onto a trailer. The Boat has 1,000lbs (453.6kg) of people and gear load capacity. Exceeding this will interfere with the self-bailing feature.

Trouble-free Leafield C7 Valves ensure easy inflation/deflation. Boat includes inflatable hull, modular frame, high back padded raft seat, 2-angler swivel seats, 2-aluminum diamond-plate casting platforms, 2-thigh hooks, 2-frame stripping baskets, anchor system (line & anchor not included), oarlocks, high pressure pump, protective boat wrap and assembly instructions. Boat is covered by a 60 month limited retail warranty or a 36 month limited commercial warranty. Boats complete dimensions are as follows:
Center Line Length: 17' (5.18 meter)
Gunwale Length: 18' (5.49 meters)
Beam: 82" (208.3cm)
Bottom Width: 55" (139.7cm)
Side Height: 26" (66cm)
Total Weight (w/frame): 330lbs (149.7kg)
Weight (hull) only): 135lbs (61.24kg)

What is Drop Stitch? It's a pretty amazing material NRS uses to build NRS SUP Boards, inflatable drift boats, and the Pro Rescue River Board. Other uses for the technology have been floating docks, high-pressure rescue lifting bags and airplane wings! This material lets NRS build inflatable's with flat surfaces that can be inflated to rock-hard rigidity. With the boards and Drifter, you get hard-shell performance along with the easy transportation and storage of an inflatable. What makes this possible? Tens of thousands of fine threads is the secrete.

The process starts by joining two pieces of polyester woven support fabric with thousands of fine polyester thread lengths. This base material is made in strips from five to ten feet in width, and up to 400 needle heads may be used in the setup. Each needle sews a continuous, evenly spaced thread, back and forth between the two pieces of woven fabric, locking them together into an incredibly strong unit. These drop-stitch sewing machines are marvels of complexity. When a change is made in the spacing distance between the two pieces of woven fabric, it can take over 20 days to remove and replace the required needles.

Next, an air-tight coating is applied to the outer surfaces of both sides of the material. The sidewall material is made of polyester base fabric that is coated on both sides. Polyester thread is used throughout because it is strong, durable and has very little stretch. The actual assembly process involves labor-intensive gluing of the sidewall material to the top and bottom pieces of the drop-stitch material. Then a wide seam tape is glued over each lap seam for a bomber, air-tight final product. What you have now is a super strong construction that can be inflated to pressures up to 15 pounds per square inch (1 bar). Drop stitch a high tech material that lets NRS build new, innovative inflatable's that are stretching boating world boundaries, innovation, NRS-style.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 0 months.
(877) 677-4327

NRS Clearwater Drifter Boat Features

  • River Fisherman Looking for An-Edge, Need to Consider NRS Clearwater Drifter
  • Revolutionary Inflatable Fishing Boat
  • Time-Tested Design of Drift Boat with Rugged Utility of Self-Bailing Raft
  • Made of Tough Drop-Stitch PVC Material:
    Very Rigid 9 psi (0.62 bar) Inflation Pressure
    Floor Up to 15 psi (1.0 bar)
    Best Performance with Heavier Loads in Rough Water
  • Self-Bailing Inflatable Hull:
    Handles Rocks and Shallow Water like Raft
    Tracking as Stealthily as Traditional Drift Boat
    Quick-Draining Holes
    Leave the Bucket at Home!
    Allows Water Drainage Around-Perimeter of Floor
    Floor Provides Quick Draining Ability
    Maintains Control & Increased Maneuverability
  • Easily Disassemble Modular Frame & Roll-Up Deflated Hull for Convenient Transport & Storage
  • Stows Readily in Garage, Car or Small Aircraft, Can Ship it UPS to Next Fishing Hole!
  • Compact Folded Dimension: (L x W x D) 49" x 26" x 16" (124.46cm x 66cm x 40.64cm)
  • High Rocker in Bow & Stern Shorten Waterline for Superior Tracking and Anchoring
  • High Rocker also Helps Boat Ride Over Waves
  • 3-Chamber Design: Ensures it Keeps Floating and Rowing Even if Air Chamber Compromised
  • Casting Stations in Bow and Stern:
    2-Swiveling Angler Seats
    Diamond Plate Decks
    Thigh Hooks with Stripping Baskets
    Secure, Comfortable Casting in Smooth or Rough Water
  • Rigid Transom in Stern Allows Attachment of (Optional) Small Outboard Motor
  • Padded Rowing Seat & Adjustable Foot Bar for All-Day Comfort for Oarsman
  • Integrated Pulley System:
    Oarsman Operates Anchor from Rowing Seat
    Note: Line & Anchor Not-Included
  • Heavy-Duty Rub Rail: Protects Gunwales High-Wear Areas
  • 3" (7.6cm) Stainless Steel Bow D-rings: Handy Tie-Off Points/Winch Boat onto Trailer
  • 1,000lbs (453.6kg) of People and Gear Load Capacity
  • Note: Exceeding Load Capacity Interfere with Self-Bailing Feature
  • Trouble-Free Leafield C7 Valves for Easy Inflation/Deflation
  • Includes: Oarlocks, High Pressure Pump, Protective Boat Wrap
  • Complete with Assembly Instructions
  • Dimensions:
    Center Line Length: 17' (5.18 meter)
    Gunwale Length: 18' (5.49 meters)
    Beam: 82" (208.3cm)
    Bottom Width: 55" (139.7cm)
    Side Height: 26" (66cm)
  • Total Weight (w/frame): 330lbs (149.7kg)
  • Weight (hull) only): 135lbs (61.24kg)
  • 5 Year Limited Retail Warranty
  • 3 Year Limited Commercial Warranty

NRS Clearwater Drifter Boat Specifications

Center Line Length: 17' (5.18 Meter), Gunwale Length: 18' (5.49 Meters), Beam: 82" (208.3Cm), Bottom Width: 55" (139.7Cm), Side Height: 26" (66Cm)
Rider Capacity
1 To 3 Person
Leafield C7 Valves
Cover Stitching
Weight [with packaging]
0.01 lb
Mfr #
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