NEMO Morpho 2 Person Tent

NEMO Morpho 2 Person Tent Features

What's in the box: NEMO Morpho 2 Person Tent - Nemoid Foot Pump - Watertightstuff Sack - Stakes - and Repair Kit.

NEMO Morpho 2 Person Tent
Plan a weekend getaway with a friend and take the NEMO Morpho 2 Person Tent. One of the advantages of this air support technology tent is that it includes a fast and easy set, for you to start using right away. All you have to do is simply unclip and retract your tent. An interesting feature of this tent is that it comes with increased and greater strength, since is wind resistant. The easy field repair is the fast solution to make repairs to this tent, during your camping adventure. Thanks to the small pack size this tent, it is easy to attach to your backpack, while traveling. The rear scoop vents on this exclusive, let you get excellent air flow. Have a great time on your camping trip and take the NEMO Morpho 2 Person Tent on your next adventure.

Key Features

  • Advantages of AST include faster setup
  • Greater strength
  • Wind resistance
  • Easy field repair
  • Small pack size
  • ExoFly Retractable Vestibule
  • Simply unclip and retract
  • Morpho 1P's expansive rear vent
  • The rear scoop vent in Morpho 2P