Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Waterproofing

Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Waterproofing

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Product Highlights:

  • Waterproof
  • Maintains breathability
  • Support texture and suede footwear
  • Easy to apply 
  • New formula

Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Waterproofing Features

Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Waterproofing
Protect all your footware with the original Nikwax Nubuckand Suede Waterproofing. This amazing product has been specially designed to waterproof your shoes so they do not get sweaty inside when used in damp or wet conditions. This Nikwax product is environmentally friendly since it doesn t contain fluorocarbons, making it also safe for you. This product provides support and texture to your footwear as it prevents water absorption, keeping your shoes breathable. The Nikwax waterproofing is incredibly easy to apply for your convenience. You can use this product on either wet or dry footwear with no problems. Thanks to the new formula, this product now gives you an extra 30% effectiveness and durability. Keep your shoes dry and comfortable with the unique and one-of-a kind Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Waterproofing.

Key Features

  • Waterproofs
  • Maintains breathability
  • Support and Texture f nubuck and suede footwear
  • Easy to apply--use on either wet or dry footwear
  • New formulation is 30% more durable