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  • Cleaner
  • Water base
  • Biodegradable
  • No flourocarbons/VOCs
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About Nikwax Down Wash

The Nikwax Down Wash
The Nikwax Down Wash is an ideal addition to your outdoor adventure gear. This product is easy to apply and safely cleans down garments and sleeping bags. It also preserves the down's natural insulation qualities. This product is 100% water based and has no flourocarbons or VOCs so it can securely protect all your belongings. It is biodegradable so you know you get an eco-friendly product. The Nikwax down wash helps to maintain the loft, breathability, and insulating properties in down filled garments. It even removes detergent residues left behind by other products! This easy-to-open bottle is practical and comes in a compact size to avoid added bulk to your outdoor gear, making it easy to store. The Nikwax Down Wash is the ideal ally for all your equipment.

Nikwax Down Wash Features

  • Safely cleans down garments and sleeping bags, while preserving down's natural insulation qualities
  • Maintains the loft and insulative properties in down filled garments, sleeping bags, duvets, comforters
  • 100% Water based and Biodegradeable
  • Guaranteed performance for 4 years from manufacture
  • Contains NO flourocarbons/VOCs
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