Mountainsmith Bike Cube - Black

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About Mountainsmith Bike Cube - Black

Mountainsmith Bike Cube - Black
The Mountainsmith Bike Cube - Black is designed for bikers, to haul their helmet, shoes and tools. The cube is very versatile you can use it for packing everything from clothes to food for weekend car trips. The size makes it easier to fit into the car with all of our other gear than a small suitcase or duffel bag. These also make great gift ideas for people who camp or make frequent road trips. You could even use them for getting groceries at the market. Well this Mountainsmith Bike Cube - Black will save you so much frustration. Your helmet, shoes, handlebar bag, energy bars, water bottles, sunglasses, computer. Everything is now in place. It will cut you're getting ready time in half. Just get dressed and grab your cube bag and bike and off you go in the car to the starting point.

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