MotoSolutions FOGTECH Anti-Fog Solution

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  • Size: 1 fl. oz
  • Two cotton applicators
  • Transparent layering
  • For high-tech plastics and glass
  • Long-lasting
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About MotoSolutions FOGTECH Anti-Fog Solution

Moto-Solutions FOGTECH Anti-Fog Solution
The Moto-Solutions FOGTECH Anti-Fog Solution is the best and, long-lasting protection for your eyewear. Providing ultra clear vision for safety goggles, prescription lenses, glasses, or even windows, this product uses special ingredients that prevent fog, before it can hamper your vision while driving, skiing, swimming or working. Made especially to protect high-tech plastic and glass, this solution forms a transparent layer on the items, enabling clear sight at all times. It works within seconds of application and lasts for up to 5 days. Just wipe it on with the soft cotton applicators provided and your glasses are ready to use! This formula also works without corroding the expensive coatings of your items. Suitable for industrial, sports, and military uses, this solution eliminates vision problems and enhances your performance! The Moto-Solutions FOGTECH Anti-Fog Solution is the smartest way to attain clear, fog-less vision.

MotoSolutions FOGTECH Anti-Fog Solution Features

  • Simply 'paint' on a thin, wet coat on the inside lens of your goggles and let dry--application will last for days
  • Solution continues to work, even in very cold conditions (up to -20F)
  • The 30ml bottle provides 30 to 40 uses
  • Advanced One-Step Anti-Fog
  • Uses: High Tech Plastics and Glass
  • Provides Crystal Clear Vision
  • Dive Masks, Safety Goggles, Glasses, Prescription Lenses or Face Shields
  • Transparent, Long-Lasting Layer Instantly Soaks-Up Fog
  • Works-in-Seconds and Stop Fogging for Days
  • No Rubbing: Eye Protection Lasts Longer without Scratching or Wearing-Away of Expensive Coatings
  • 2 Soft Cotton Applicators
  • Tested Safe on Glasses, Goggles, Helmet Face Shields, Dive Masks, Sunglasses, and Coated Lenses
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