MSR Waterworks/ Miniworks Replacement Hose


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  • Weight  2.1 oz
  • Inner diameter .25 in. /.64 cm
  • Length 48 in. / 122 cm
  • Material: silicon

About MSR Waterworks/ Miniworks Replacement Hose

MSR Waterworks / Miniworks Replacement Hose
Take care of your MSR products and expand their life span using the unique MSR Waterworks / Miniworks Replacement Hose. This incredible MSR replacement hose can be used with the MSR MiniWorks EX, the WaterWorks EX and all older MiniWorks and WaterWorks models. This lightweight waterworks / miniworks product weighs only 2.1 oz., making it easy to carry inside your pack, whenever you are traveling. The inner diameter of this product is .25 in. / .64 cm. and the MSR replacement hose is made with durable and resistant silicon material, which makes this product long-lasting. This original product was made in Seattle USA, meeting several quality standards. Increase the life of you MSR products using the MSR Waterworks/ Miniworks Replacement Hose.

This product can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

MSR Waterworks/ Miniworks Replacement Hose Features

  • Lightweight 0.15 lbs.
  • Replacement tube for MSR MiniWorks EX and WaterWorks EX

MSR Waterworks/ Miniworks Replacement Hose Specifications

2.1 oz.
Inner diameter
0.25 in.
48 in.
Country of Origin
Weight [with packaging]
0.15 lb
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