MSR WhisperLite International

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  • Improved multi-fuel performance
  • Lighter
  • More stable
  • Compact
  • Field maintainable
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About MSR WhisperLite International

MSR WhisperLite International
Enjoy good meals out in the great outdoors with the MSR WhisperLite International. This stove from MSR is an updated and improved version of the WhisperLite International. It comes with a lighter design at just 10.9 oz., without fuel. This stove can be folded so that it can fit inside a very small space in your backpack and even fits inside most MSR pots to take up even less room, if you happen to have packed an MSR stove. This is a self-cleaning stove, thanks to its shaker jet technology and new one-piece leg assembly. It provides you with enough power to cook and heat up your food, very fast. This little stove can burn white gas, kerosene and unleaded auto fuel, making it very versatile and reliable. It can boil water for coffee, soup, or other uses in about 3.5 minutes. Enjoy your time out in the great outdoors a lot more with this MSR WhisperLite International.

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MSR WhisperLite International Features

  • Improved Multi-Fuel Performance
  • Burns white gas, kerosene, and unleaded auto fuel
  • Lighter & More Stable
  • Stamped stainless steel legs greatly improve stability and reduce weight
  • Compact
  • Folds small and fits inside most MSR pots
  • Field Maintainable
  • Self-cleaning Shaker Jet technology and new, one-piece leg assembly allow fast cleaning and maintenance in the field
  • Packed Weight: 15.6 oz.
  • Water boiled amount:(white gas) per 100 ml of fuel 4.4 liters; (white gas) per 1 oz. of fuel 1.3 liters; (kerosene) per 100 ml of fuel 5.3 liters; (kerosene) per 1 oz. of fuel 1.6 liters
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