MSR Quick-Connect Bottle Adapter


About MSR Quick-Connect Bottle Adapter

MSR Quick Connect-Bottle Adapter
Enjoy all your liquids like never before with the MSR Quick Connect Bottle Adapter. This quick connect bottle adapter from MSR is a great little device to have when you go camping, hiking, or on just about any other adventure in the great outdoors. Thanks to its ability to provide you with a way to drink clean and healthy water. It can be used to connect your MSR HyperFlow Pump to other MSR hydration products, so that you can take full advantage of the clean water that you drink. It is very easy for anyone to use. It can also be used with Nalgene bottles and most other wide-mouth containers, for even more convenience. Its secure fit ensures that you do not spill any of your precious liquid when you drink from it or when it is closed. Plus, it is very lightweight to lessen your load. Drink safe water with this MSR Quick-Connect Bottle Adapter.

This product can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

MSR Quick-Connect Bottle Adapter Features

  • Allows your HyperFlow Pump to securely interface with any container MSR hydration products, NalgeneÈ bottles, etc with 63mm threaded openings
  • Weight [with packaging]: 0.1 lb

MSR Quick-Connect Bottle Adapter Specifications

1.3 oz.
2.7 in.
1.5 in.
Plug material
Lanyard material
Cap material
Recommended Use
Connecting MSR HyperFlow to your wide-mouth containers
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