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Marmot Twill Cap
The Marmot Twill Cap is the only item you need during the summer to keep your head cool. Made of 100% cotton, this cap offers a comfortable fit. The mesh sweat band absorbs sweat and keeps it from reaching your eyes. This single cap is able to fit all sizes of people, as the fabric adjusts to the size of the head and give a perfect fit. The elastic panel at the back, offers maximum comfort and secures the cap to your head. Marmot embroidered logo on the face of the cap gives you a simple, yet stylish look. Including the packaging, the cap weights only 0.2 lbs. and you do not feel like it is on your head while wearing it. There is a wide range of colors available, allowing you to choose your favorite cap. So next time you go out to enjoy the summer time, take the Marmot Twill Cap with you.

Key Features

  • Mesh Sweatband
  • Fitted Cap
  • Elastic Panel at Back for Comfort
  • breathable mesh
  • adjustable tab
  • plenty of retro-cool charm