Mammut Basic Chalk Bag

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Mammut Basic Chalk Bag Features

Mammut Basic Chalk Bag
The Mammut Basic Chalk Bag is the ideal entry-level chalk bag for all rock climbers. The tight closure ensures that your chalk does not fly off or spill out when the bag is not in use. The deeper cut with stable-shaped opening provides easy access when you are busy climbing. The lining made of thick fleece makes sure that your bag does not get cut and depletes your chalk without your knowledge when climbing rock faces with ragged features. The tooth brush carrier enables you to carry a tooth brush or climbing brush so that you can brush chalk off holds, erase tick marks, and remove dirt from holds for a better grip. Use the Mammut Basic Chalk Bag and enjoy the climb.

Key Features

  • Tooth brush carrier
  • Tight closure
  • Stable-shaped
  • Lining made of thick fleece
  • Deeper cut
  • 2 suspension points incl. large waist belt