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Mad Rock Addiction Loose Chalk - Small (3.25 oz.)

Mad Rock Addiction Loose Chalk - Small (3.25 oz.)

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Mad Rock Addiction Loose Chalk - Small (3.25 oz.) Features

Mad Rock Addiction Loose Chalk
The Mad Rock Addiction Loose Chalk provides you with another level of fun and excitement. When used correctly, this chalk can tremendously improve your climbing experiences and performance. This incredible product removes sweat and moisture from your hands so objects such as ropes, weights, quickdraws and others won t slip and fall. It's made from Magnesium Carbonate Powder so it instantly dries your hands. Placing chalk on your hands can make a big difference while performing. This product comes in a 3.25 oz. presentation so carrying it around will not add too much extra weight. Whether you are going to use this loose chalk on your next climbing adventure or simply at the gym on your next workout, this product is a sports and workout essential. Try the Mad Rock Addiction Loose Chalk and have a hassle free climb to the top.

Key Features

  • Mad Rock's Addiction Chalk - Loose greatly improves friction
  • The combination of active moisture absorbency and fine grain texture makes it an essential part of your climbing arsenal. Feed your addiction