Mcnett Tentsure 8OZ

Mcnett Tentsure 8OZ Features

Mcnett Tentsure 8OZ
The Mcnett Tentsure 8OZ is a fantastic add-on to give your synthetic fabrics a longer lasting life and greater sheen and shine. The sealant is concentrated and is a water based urethane, that gives you a high, super-quality performance. It is used effectively to re-coat worn out areas on coated synthetic fabrics. The sealant dries out to form a clear, flexible, durable and long lasting film, with an almost invisible non-gloss finish. It is great for bivy sacks, rainwear, tent floors, flys, clothing, fabric accessories and tons of other synthetic fabrics. It is available in a convenient 8 oz. bottle. The Mcnett Tentsure 8OZ lets you keep your prized synthetic fabric goods as good as new and add a shinier lasting life.

Key Features

  • Tent Sure dries to a clear, flexible and long-lasting film with a nearly invisible non-gloss finish
  • Water-based, non-toxic formula
  • For use on synthetic materials; not suitable on natural-fiber fabrics
  • Perfect for tent floors
  • Perfect for flys, bivy sacks, rainwear
  • Perfect for clothing, fabric accessories etc.