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  • Urethane formula
  • Leather and vinyl seam grip
  • Self levelling property
  • Traction and abrasion resistance
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About Mcnett Seam Grip & Seam Sealer Outdoor Repair

Mcnett Seam Grip & Seam Sealer Outdoor Repair The Mcnett Seam Grip & Seam Sealer Outdoor Repair is the answer to all your problems of repairing and fixing. This product provides a quick-fix with permanent solution to all urgent sealing needs. The waterproof, flexible, urethane formula is perfect for sealing waterproof laminates, leather and vinyl. The seam sealant can be used in repairing all types of waders and footwear made from neoprene, PVC and rubber. It repairs and seals all fabrics except for those which have been treated with silicone. But this Seam Grip offers excellent adhesion with long lasting flexibility, superior traction and abrasion resistance, with minimal shrinkage. An extremely strong adhesive quality, this sealer can also fix tents, backpacks and footwear fabrics, including PU-coated fabrics and Gore-Tex so need not to worry with your outdoor items that needs repair because fixing and repairing needs comes in handy with the Mcnett Seam Grip & Seam Sealer Outdoor Repair.

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