Mcnett Family Camping Kit


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Product Highlights:

  • Care guide
  • Field repair kit
  • Seam sure
  • Tenacious tape
  • Mirazyme

About Mcnett Family Camping Kit

Mcnett Family Camping Kit
The Mcnett Family Camping Kit provides you with everything you may need for a quick field repair. The various contents come in a heavy-duty pouch, easy to pack and carry around. With the field kit you can seal or repair your mattresses, tents, or rain gear. The tape provided is handy to close holes in your mosquito net or other equipment. The Seam Sure sealer will save the day when your tents, packs, or tarpaulins give way. The Mirazyme helps remove bad odors from rotting food, mold, or even that of a smelly skunk. It includes zipper care, a lubricant to smooth out the track on stuck zippers. The 24-page gear repair and care guide gives you easy-to-follow instructions on using your kit. The Mcnett Family Camping Kit helps you go on any adventure with new confidence.

Mcnett Family Camping Kit Features

  • 24 page Outdoor Gear Repair and Care Guide
  • Field Repair Kit
  • Seam Sure
  • Tenacious Tape
  • Mirazyme
  • Zip Care

Mcnett Family Camping Kit Specifications

Repair and Care Guide
Field Repair Kit
Seam Sure
Tenacious Tape
Zip Care
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