LEKI WanderFreund Pole (single)

LEKI WanderFreund Pole (single)

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  • AergoMED grip
  • Super Lock system
  • Performance basket
  • Universal carbide tip
  • Ultra sonic finish

LEKI WanderFreund Pole (single) Features

LEKI WanderFreund Pole
Tackle the great outdoors with the LEKI WanderFreund Pole. It's the perfect hiking or trekking accessory to support your every step and keep you stable on steep slopes and uneven terrains. Not only does it give you the balance footing you need on downhill or uphill hikes, it also reduces the amount of stress on your legs and joints. The AergoMED grip lets you hold on to the pole firmly and comfortably. The shaft, on the other hand, can be extended from 22.8 in. to 47.2 in. to suit your height and the terrain. The shaft also includes a Super Lock System that secures the adjusted length with a holding force of up to 140 kg. and a soft anti-shock system that utilizes innersprings to cushion the pole's impact to the ground. At the end of the pole is a universal carbide tip so you get better traction on the ground. And to prevent the tip from getting caught in rock crevices and from sinking too far in soft ground, it is designed with a performance basket. Explore the great outdoors with the LEKI WanderFreund Pole.

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Key Features

  • AergoMED Grip
  • Performance Basket
  • Soft anti-shock system absorbs shock to prevent wrist or hand pain
  • Super Lock System
  • Ultra Sonic Finish
  • Universal Carbide Tip