Leki Universal Carbide Flextip (pair)

sale Leki Universal Carbide Flextip (pair)

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Product Highlights:

  • Carbide steel point
  • Up to 30 degrees bendability
  • Universal design

Leki Universal Carbide Flextip (pair) Features

Leki Universal Carbide Flextip
Always bring a Leki Universal Carbide Flextip along your outdoor travels. When your carbide flexitip of your Leki trekking pole brakes or needs replacing, this convenient accessory is just what you need. Its universal design makes it compatible with most Leki trekking poles. And the installation is easy - just remove your worn out carbide flextip using a wrench and fit this replacement into your trekking pole shaft. This flexible tip can bend up to 30 degrees without breaking or damaging the shaft. This convenient accessory also comes with a carbide steel point designed to last against wear and abrasions. It assists you in your trek or hike with better traction on various kinds of rough, uneven terrains. So whether you're trekking or hiking on ice or rock surfaces, this universal flextip gives you the stability and traction you need. Travel on foot with ease using this Leki Universal Carbide Flextip.

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Key Features

  • Carbide steel point imbedded in the Flex Tip provides a secure hold on ice and rock
  • Easy to install; requires no tools
  • The flexible tip can bend up to 30 degrees without damaging the pole shafts