LEKI ThermoLite XL Anti-Shock Poles (pair)

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Product Highlights:

  • Three-section aluminum shaft
  • Soft anti-shock lite system
  • Aergon thermo long grip
  • Performance basket
  • Anodized finish
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About LEKI ThermoLite XL Anti-Shock Poles (pair)

LEKI ThermoLite XL Anti-Shock Poles
Experience your winter trek with the LEKI ThermoLite XL Anti-Shock Poles. It's the state-of-the-art winter trekking poles that offer the highest level of comfort and stability on various rough terrains. Its soft anti-shock lite system (SAS-L), located near the tip of each pole, utilizes inner springs to effectively absorb shock and impacts. It supports your ankles, knees, and hips while you walk, and it is recommended if those parts of your body are weak or have been damaged. Along with the anti-shock system is the Aergon thermo long grip. Additional foam provides it with more space to hold them firmly and greater performance in absorbing shock. The long grip also comes with an integrated auto comfort strap so you can hang each pole by the wrist and keep them close even if you let go of the poles. Plus, the poles have an anodized coating that makes the surface of each pole super resistant to wear and scratches. Looking for the perfect ultra-light pole for all-day trekking? Order the LEKI ThermoLite XL Anti-Shock Poles today!

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