Leki Spin "Starter Package" Boxed Set

Leki Spin "Starter Package" Boxed Set

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  • 16/14 mm. Aluminum HTS 5.5 pole shaft
  • Interchangeable Nordic basket system
  • Carbide flextip (with rubber fitness light tip)
  • Nordic Walking Instructional DVD
  • Nordic Walking Log Book

Leki Spin "Starter Package" Boxed Set Features

Leki Spin "Starter Package" Boxed Set
Enjoy your Nording walking with the Leki Spin "Starter Package" Boxed Set. It offers a complete set of essentials so you can properly walk with a pole. It features a 16/14 mm. aluminum HTS 5.5 pole shaft with a carbide flextip for greater traction on various terrains. Whether you're venturing in muddy slopes, snowy grounds, or in other places, you can simply change the basket of the pole to suit the environment. The pole also comes with a rubber fitness light tip so you can cover the carbide tip when storing it in your backpack and an ultra sonic finish that add style to the design. Aside from the Nordic walking pole, the boxed set also includes a LEKI carry bag for the pole, a Nordic walking instructional DVD for first time trekkers, and a Nordic walking log book. So whether you're a professional Nordic walker or a first time trekker, the Leki Spin "Starter Package" Boxed Set is sure to help you in fitness walking in no time.

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Key Features

  • 16/14 mm. Aluminum HTS 5.5
  • Soft Trigger 1 Grip
  • Trigger 1 Strap
  • Carbide Flextip
  • Rubber Fitness Lite Tip
  • Ultra Sonic Finish
  • Interchangeable Nordic Basket System
  • Nordic Walking Instructional DVD
  • LEKI Carry Bag for Poles
  • Nordic Walking Log Book
  • Weight [with packaging] 2.15 lb.