Leki Super Lock System (SLS) Expanders (pair)

sale Leki Super Lock System (SLS) Expanders (pair)

Product Highlights:

  • 40% less turning revolutions
  • Low Torque
  • Multi-compatibility

Leki Super Lock System (SLS) Expanders (pair) Features

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Leki Super Lock System Expanders
The Leki Super Lock System Expanders is great to expand your trekking poles to the right height. These expanders are vital as you need to have the poles set to suit your needs which would otherwise have you putting in too much effort in the climb. The expanders lock in place when put in position and twist them clockwise. With the Super Lock system, you will be able to lock them in place with 40% less revolutions. Since it needs lower torque, it will require minimum effort from you to set it up. The adjustments result in superior security for you on your climb. The expander is compatible with the various series of climbing poles such as, Mountain Trek, Ultralite, Wildflower and Travel series. These expanders are also light and don't add any unwanted bulk to your trekking poles. So get the Leki Super Lock System Expanders and set up your trekking pole according to your convenience and enhance safety.

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Key Features

  • When adjusted properly
  • These perform in any condition and require 40% less turning revolutions
  • Mountain Trek Series
  • Ultralite Series
  • Wildflower Series
  • Travel Series
  • TO2045 - Pathfinder Jr.
  • Less effort and lower torque
  • Adjustment, resulting in more security