LEKI Cristallo Poles (pair)

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Product Highlights:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Speed Lock system 
  • Aergon grip technology 
  • Round top 
  • Padded strap 

LEKI Cristallo Poles (pair) Features

LEKI Cristallo Poles
Make your way through rough terrain with the LEKI Cristallo Poles. This pair of Cristallo poles from LEKI allows you to maintain great balance when hiking as it comes in a sturdy and durable Aluminum construction. Designed with Aergon grip technology and round top, it is easy to have a tight and comfortable grip of these poles. The padded strap, on the other hand, provides additional security and reduces stress on your wrists. This pair of poles also features the Speed Lock system that uses stainless steel pressure plate, ensuring that you have a secure lock and keeping pole sections from slipping. In case the pole gets caught between rocks or tree roots, the hardened carbide tip reduces the risk of shaft breakage by deflecting up to 30 degrees without damaging the lower pole sections. Plus, each pole stretches and is fully adjustable up to 29.5 inches. The next tip you hit the trails, bring along the LEKI Cristallo Poles.

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Key Features

  • Aluminum construction keeps the weight to just 10.9 oz. per pole
  • Speed Lock system has the highest locking strength of any external system on the market and is easy to operate while wearing gloves in harsh weather conditions
  • Pole provides 29.5 in. in length adjustment
  • Aergon grip technology encourages a wide range of grip options and has a hollow shell cavity to keep weight to a minimum
  • The round top allows you to comfortably rest your hand on top of the grip
  • Padded strap provides comfortable support and has a release function for safety
  • Hardened carbide tip provides a secure grip on every type of terrain
  • Combination SpeedLock (upper section) / Super Lock Soft Antishock (lower section)
  • Exclusive Aergon grip (surface material varies by model)
  • Hollow core construction to save weight
  • Edgeless, rounded grip for comfortable gripping at all angles especially for "Palming" on steeps
  • Built in 8° Positive Angle keeps wrist in neutral position and provides more efficient pole plants
  • Security strap system that adjusts and secures strap adjustment without buckles
  • Carbide flex tips
  • Security wrist straps
  • Aergon Soft grips
  • Carbide Flextips with interchangeable basket system
  • Cor-Tec grip material
  • Shafts made from lightweight aluminum