Kahtoola MTN 24 Step-in Snowshoes

Kahtoola MTN 24 Step-in Snowshoes

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Kahtoola MTN 24 Step-in Snowshoes Features

Kahtoola MTN 24 Step-in Snowshoes
The Kahtoola MTN 24 Step-in Snowshoes are the perfect solution for snowy weather walking. The integrated 8-point trail crampons add an extra grip to your step so you can step easily on the ice and reduce the chances to slip and fall, avoiding a painful and embarrassing situation. The Kahtoola snowshoes make it easy for you to walk without sinking, since they distribute the weight of your body on a bigger surface than your feet so you can feel as if you are floating on the snow! Since the Kahtoola snowshoes fit almost all your footwear you can wear them with your favorite shoes without a problem. The Kahtoola MTN 24 Step-in Snowshoes are a must-have addition to any enthusiast outdoor adventurer's winter gear.

Key Features

  • 8 - point trail crampon
  • Alternatively, it's just as easy to reconnect the forefoot crampons to the snowshoe decks with step-in ease and convenience
  • Aluminum frames are shaped to balance efficiency and flotation; coated nylon decking is tough and lightweight
  • Bindings feature easy WingSpanˆ width adjustment to optimize fit and comfort for your boot type and size; choose between narrow, regular and wide width settings
  • Kahtoola MTN 24 step-in snowshoes have crampons that are made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant stainless steel to ensure lasting, aggressive traction
  • Modular design lets you detach the forefoot crampons from the snowshoes while they're still attached to your boots for biting traction when flotation isn't needed
  • SKYHOOK step-in technology