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About Komperdell Highlander Cork Trekking Poles (pair)

Komperdell Highlander Cork Trekking Poles
The Komperdell Highlander Cork Trekking Poles is the best choice for trekking and mountaineering. Its body is made of environmentally friendly aluminum, which makes a solid strong frame. Thanks to its system strap, the pole will always be in your possession and will not be lost during your adventure. The pole has a cork handle, which provides a comfortable blister-free grip. The pole has a maximum length of 140 cm. and the height can be adjusted according to the terrain, so you can move-on without any fear. With a lightweight of 1 lbs., it is easy to carry in your backpack. This also includes a Vario trekking basket and a flexible tip, which prevents scratch marks on rocks. This is suitable for backpacking and hiking. So the next time you set-out on a trekking adventure do not forget the Komperdell Highlander Cork Trekking Poles.

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