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About Kamik Hunter Boots for Men

Key Features of the Kamik Hunter Boots for Men

  • Waterproof
  • Waterproof adjustable nylon collar
  • Removable 8mm thermal guard liner
  • Kamik's EXPLORER rubber outsole
  • Weight: 3.89 lbs
  • Height: 13.5 inches
Kamik Hunter Boots for Men
This durable Kamik Hunter Boots for Men are built to last and provide adequate protection to your feet, during hunting trips. Its resilient rubber upper provides lightweight waterproof protection, everywhere you choose to go. Their sturdy materials and solid construction, will protect your feet, from harsh weather conditions. It features a waterproof adjustable nylon collar, to provide a firm grip to your leg and protect your feet from unwanted elements from entering the boot. In addition, its dependable 8mm thermal guard liner, there is a removable accessory to grant extra protection from water, wind and dust. Feel free to run over rocks and uneven surfaces, since the boots are built with a solid Kamik's EXPLORER rubber outsole, to provide a firm grip with every step you take. These reliable boots come in an elegant black color, to match all your other camping gear. For a comfortable outdoor experience, order the Kamik Hunter Boots for Men.

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