Kelty Accessory Wall for Sunshade

Kelty Accessory Wall for Sunshade Features

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Kelty Accessory Wall for Sunshade
The Kelty Accessory Wall for Sunshade adds beneficial elements to an already-exciting day out in the woods. The accessory wall is compatible with Sunshade models from 2007 onwards. It has attachment points that make it very quick and easy to attach to your tent. The accessory wall is extremely easy to attach. The wall is custom-fit, so you can fit it as per your convenience and need. It provides shade from the sun and at the same time offers you some much-needed privacy, to catch up on some reading or enjoy alone-time. The 1800mm PU-coated polyester taffeta used to build this accessory wall is a robust and durable fabric, that will not give up on you for a long time. So enjoy a room of your own out in the woods or even in your backyard, with the Kelty Accessory Wall for Sunshade.

Key Features

  • Accessory wall works with 2007 Sunshade model and newer
  • Accessory walls are easy to attach
  • Custom fit wall provides added sun protection as well as privacy
  • Easy attachment points
  • Made from tough, 1800mm PU coated polyester taffeta
  • Provide protection from the elements